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Netflix classics to binge-watch

A horror series set in the 1980s, political thrillers or a retired assassin? There’s plenty to choose from. Here are a few treasures from the massive Netflix archive.

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Stranger Things

Small town thriller and homage to the 1980s, Stranger Things, was a smash hit right from the first season. Watch it if you've not already done so – or look out for it when the next season is released soon.

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The Crown

Claire Foy plays Queen Elisabeth II in this historic drama about the British royal family. Based on true events, it’s about the first years of her reign.

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House of Cards

Political intrigue at its most thrilling. Follow husband and wife Frank and Claire Underwood and their climb to power in a corrupt Washington DC. There are six seasons in total – so there’s plenty of opportunities for binge-watching.

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Narcos: Mexico

A spin-off from the TV series Narcos, about the narcotics police hunt for Colombian cocaine king, Pablo Escobar. The action has now moved to Mexico instead – and the target this time is Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who controlled the drugs trade between Mexico and the US in the 80s.

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Umbrella Academy

Six dysfunctional adopted siblings with superpowers are reunited. Their rich adoptive father, who raised them to save the world, has just passed away.

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Sex Education

British drama-comedy about Otis, whose mother is a sex therapist. He grows up with more (and involuntary) knowledge about the subject than his contemporary schoolmates have. Together with rebellious Maeve, he opens a sex clinic at school.

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Mads Mikkelsen plays the world’s foremost assassin who’s decided to retire. However his former boss thinks he’s a liability – and sends a whole gang of ruthless killers to silence him.

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Bird Box

Netflix’s biggest hit to date. A mysterious power is exterminating the population of the world. If you see it, you die. Blindfolded main character Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, attempts to survive along with her children.

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