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5 places to Celebrate Chinese New Year – outside of China

For those of you who are a bit tight on time to travel all the way to China for the Chinese New Year can ring it in at these six places that are equally committed to the celebration.

Christmas is over, the New Year isn’t quite so new anymore, and we’re still a while away from diving into summer. It’s no wonder we’re getting extra excited about Chinese New Year just around the corner. Celebrating Chinese New Year in China would be the best case scenario, where festivities last for up to two weeks. But there is still hope! This spectacular holiday has spread worldwide with extravagant parades and mouth-watering food. Here are a few places to experience everything the Chinese New Year has to offer outside of China.

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Parade in the Big Apple

The world’s third largest Chinatown is located in New York City so it’s no surprise that thecity goes all in during this time of year. NYC puts on an annual firecracker ceremony (over 600,000 of them!) and a parade with floats, beautiful costumes, and fantastic dancers. The New York Philharmonic puts on a very popular concert and Chinese restaurants all over the city offer special, delicious menus.

New York

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Food and film in focus

In Manchester, movies and eating are the focus of Chinese New Year celebrations. Enjoy diverse tastes at the Chinese pop up food market on St. Anne’s Square and the latest Chinese language movies at the Chinese New Year film festival. There are also other interesting activities at this celebration, such as learning about traditional activities, and watching martial arts and dance performances.


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Celebrate in the city with the largest Chinatown

This city is one of the places outside Asia to celebrate Chinese New Year the longest after an influx of Chinese moved to the city in the 1800's. So, they know how it’s done. San Francisco boasts one of the largest celebrations worldwide with a night parade that illuminates the skies. Acrobats and an almost 82-meter golden dragon are featured, gaining this parade its place as one of the top ten parades. Ever.

San Francisco

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The world's biggest celebration

While San Francisco's celebrations are considered the oldest outside of Asia, London’s are considered the biggest. With a whole-day parade through West End, performances on Trafalgar Square, and some of the most authentic traditional Chinese food, London’s festivities are growing every year and it is becoming a more and more popular place to celebrate.


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Truly authentic in France

With a thriving Chinese-French community, Paris prepares street parades to welcome in the new year in a truly authentic way. Its parades focus on dragon and lion dances, boasting intricate costumes and dazzling decorations. Two unsuspecting Buddhist temples in 13th district are places families go to pay tribute to the year ahead. The city also lights up with red lanterns, fittingly living up to its reputation as the city of lights.

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